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  • Sarah and Alaa, Wedding at the Venetian; Garfield, New Jersey

    Date: 2013.11.05 | Category: Garfield Wedding, New Jersey Weddings, Venetian Wedding Photography | Response: 0

    Venetian Wedding Photography

    I recently had the honor of document Sarah and Alaa’s wedding reception at the Venetian in New Jersey and it was a ton of fun.
    I really limited the number of pictures I posted from this one, as I plan on making sort of a double post with some of their engagement pictures as well (check back soon!). The Venetian was great (as always), and better yet, I got to take portraits not only at The Palisades (interstate) Park (which many New Yorks will recognize as the mysterious big green area you see when you look across the Hudson. If you ever have the chance, you should go! It is really just right on the other side of the George Washington Bridg), but I also got to steal them away again for a few more portraits after the reception had ended; a rare treat for the photographer! All-in-all, I could not have been happier with the pictures. Actually, the very last image in this post is I think one of my favorite of the season. It was just this really naturally wonderful moment, and I was so excited that I was able to get it.

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  • Julie and James, Wedding at Liberty State Park; Jersey City, NJ

    Date: 2011.08.29 | Category: Jersey City Weddings, Liberty State Park, New Jersey Weddings | Response: 0

    I haven’t had the chance to go to Liberty State Park in a while (also known as the place you catch the ferry to Ellis Island / Statute of the Liberty). But it is a sublimely great spot to visit (if you’ve never been, go!), and in my humble opinion, an even better spot to get married at. It may be the magic of the New York skyline, or perhaps there is something inherently cool about getting married under the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. That being said, Julie and James were so much fun, and had such cool friends and family, that I am sure they would have had an amazing wedding no matter where it took place.

  • Jennifer and Tom, Wedding at the Stony Hill Inn in Hackensack, NJ

    Date: 2010.10.25 | Category: Hackensack Weddings, New Jersey Weddings, Stony Hill Inn Wedding | Response: 1

    Jennifer and Tom had a really lovely wedding at the Stony Hill Inn; which I have never had a chance to work at before. It was really a pleasant surprise!
    The wedding was a hugely fun, and I must confess, the portraits reminded me how much I love cloudy days.