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  • Amy and Neil, Wedding at the Bryant Park Grill, NYC

    Date: 2010.08.03 | Category: Bryant Park Grill Weddings, New York City Wedding, New York Weddings, NYC wedding | Response: 0

    A lovely wedding in Bryant Square Park in Midtown Manhattan (which happens to be my favorite of all of the NYC parks, as they show movies there every Friday during the Summer time; if you ever get the chance to go, it is a ton of fun). It was a little drizzly out while we were taking portraits, but it actually worked out great, as the rain quickly went away, and everything looked pretty and fresh. Also of course, it led to my being able to grab the picture below of Neil carrying his lovely bride over a puddle (which was not posed for photos by the way!); have you ever seen anyone look so much like James Bond in your entire life?

  • Yen and James, Wedding at the Audubon Center in Prospect Park; Brooklyn, New York

    Date: 2010.07.25 | Category: Brooklyn Weddings, NYC wedding, Prospect Park Wedding | Response: 0

    I am a huge fan of weddings at the Audubon Center in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. I used to live down the street, and it is easily my favorite of the many lovely NYC parks; shooting weddings at the Audubon center just reminds me why. Beautiful building, amazing setting complete with a large mossy pond, plenty of space for portraits, and of course, giant toy birds for the kids to play with (it is the Audubon center after all). Yen and James had a really cool evening that was really lovely and super fun to shoot. Also, I think I should move so I can live close to the park again!

  • Wedding at Martha Clara Vineyards, Long Island NY

    Date: 2010.06.15 | Category: Long Island Weddings, Martha Clara Vineyards Weddings, New York Weddings | Response: 0

    Liz and Ted got married on a lovely Saturday afternoon last month. Liz was wearing her mom’s wedding dress, which I thought was super-cool. The vineyard is a great spot for photos with a ton of open space and a huge lovely field of sunflowers (which I made them trudge through a bit for portraits). There was so much room to run around in fact that people were playing lawn games and flying kites; I don’t think I have ever seen children happier at a wedding.